The Case For Customising

Bespoke and Shabby Chic Furniture A vision for the look of your home can be accompanied by the frustration of trying to find exactly the right furniture. The more particular the need – storage for a tiny hallway or an awkward corner – the greater the potential dilemmas. It could be time to consider a piece or two of bespoke furniture. Here are a few common problems that made-to-order pieces can solve. Working with Heirlooms As much as we love them, common family heirlooms such as armoires or sideboards can... Read More

Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir

Creating a Shabby Chic French Boudoir   Shabby chic furniture and décor is known to be romantic with its combination of comfort and serenity. With touches of crown mouldings, natural finishes, expensive and fine furnishings, florals and light and airy colour palettes, recreating a bedroom in this design is simple to do, even on a budget.   First, choose a colour scheme that suits your taste and the overall design of the space. A great colour scheme to begin with is one that emphasises pastels such as pink, yellow, blue,... Read More