2014 Is Here !

2014 Is Here ! As 2013 has drawn to a close, we proudly welcome 2014 with open arms. A new start, new resolutions and not forgetting a new year to save hundreds in the famous, ever increasing by popularity January sales. 2013 has ended, and as all the festivities of Christmas have come to an end, many look forward to January for the highly anticipated savings that can be made from the fantastic discounts. At homesdirect365 we will be offering fantastic savings, across all of our luxurious stunning antique French... Read More

Getting Prepared For Winter

Getting Prepared For Winter Winter is imminently approaching, which means it’s time to get prepared for long dark nights, bitter temperatures and let’s not forget… Christmas. Christmas traditionally is a date that brings joy and welcomes all friends and family to cherish special memories over the holiday season. With Christmas dinner a highlight that many eagerly await, often followed by gifts from loved ones and the social gatherings that takes place by a wonderfully alight warm fireplace… We are sure this season like many is going to be a special... Read More

HTC Triumphs Over Rivals

The new upcoming Android handset beats both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 The Android handset beat both the Apple iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S4 to win Phone of the Year – and also claimed Gadget of the Year and the T3 Design Award. The HTC One is Androids answer to Apple’s iPhone 5 and Samsung’s S4. It features a full HD screen crammed into 4.7-inches, which brings a 468ppi – well above what’s needed for the eye to discern, and it does definitely bring... Read More

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