New Website Coming Soon!

At Homes Direct 365 we want to make looking through our exclusive ranges of French furniture more enjoyable than ever before, so, we’ve invested in a new website! The new website is currently in development, but isn’t far from going live, and we hope that the new site will make browsing the site and finding the products you want even more easy and enjoyable than it is at the moment! We’ll still feature your favourite ranges and categories, such as French Bathroom Furniture, French Bedroom Furniture, French Lighting, French Mirrors... Read More

Break the Tradition!

At Homes Direct 365 we like to keep up to date with the current styles and trends, not just in furniture industry, but fashion too! In case you haven’t noticed, there’s some fabulous flower prints and designs flying around the shops these days, bringing back to light the beauty of traditional designs…. we are one step ahead of the crowd, we already have the flower power attach in stock online! Check out our website today and give your home that fantastic girly flowery look that’s soooo this season!

Spring is on the way!

I think just about everybody in the country is fed up with this horrible cold weather now! Usually we love a bit of snow, but this winter has been a little extreme for us Brits! I think I speak on behalf of a nation saying bring on Spring and some sunshine! What better way to start the spring than a spring clean? And what better way to freshen up your home, that some wonderful new additions from our elegant furniture collections! We have ranges of furniture to suit all tastes... Read More

Is the iPad the future of surfing the web?

Here at Homes Direct, we’re all for new technology…. people not only can check out our great range of French furniture or contemporary furniture online, they can now browse on their phones! From desktop computers to laptop computers, from a Blackberry, to an iPhone, the Internet is evolving and we want to be on your list of favourite sites no matter how you get there! In the Homes Direct office we’re all for the new Apple iPad! We love the great features that will make browsing our collections such as... Read More