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Contemporary & Modern Furniture

Contemporary furniture

Decorate your abode in true style with our selection of contemporary furniture and modern bedroom furniture. Here you can purchase the finest quality beds, headboards, and wardrobes, among other things. We have grey furniture sets, and other natural wood designs and furniture. 

Dining Room Furniture

We offer everything from bedroom to dining room. Our dining range is exquisite, we have everything you need to kit out your new dining room. Perhaps you are a hotel or BNB? We can supply you with the finest range of tables and chairs to get your dining furniture looking amazing. As well as exquisite tables and chairs, we also have Dressers and sideboards. The staple of a chic living environment. These sideboard are:

  • Durable
  • Stylish
  • Long Lasting

We also have a lovely selection of Display Cabinets, perfect for the dining room, in order to store your possessions. Maybe you wish to display trophies, flowers, that bottle of wine you've been saving? We have a large range of styles in Display Cabinets, perfect to match your home aesthetic. 

For the Lounge...

We have a vast selection of Lounge furniture. Featuring incredible Chairs, sofas, settees, on offer. Live your life to the full relaxing on these seats. We have incredibly stylized items, perfect for your home with amazing modern and contemporary designs. We also have more modern and contemporary furniture for the lounge including side tables, nesting tables and coffee tables. Check them out in our lounge range!

Industrial style furniture

 Amazing looking industrial style furniture. Choose from tables, storage trunks, and amazing cabinets. This is perfect for if you want a centerpiece or a focal point in a room. The Industrial furniture range is the one for you. Iconic, Interesting and Impressive. 

Modern Furniture

Our matching modern and contemporary furniture sets allow you to select a certain scheme and browse each collection for the perfect pieces. You can also mix and match to create a bespoke style with unique charm. The furniture found in this section will add personality to your spaces, enhancing your home’s natural features and making the rooms comfortable for both those who visit and those who visit.

Check out our mirrored Furniture Range

If you are wanting something more elegant and classy. Maybe you would like our mirrored furniture? We have everything from bedroom furniture to stuff for the dining room, lounge and anywhere else in the home! We also have mirrors, fireplaces, and TV cabinet mirrored furniture. 

Driftwood Range

If you want something more unique, rustic and interesting. We have Driftwood & Teak Furniture, featuring coffee tables, side tables, and driftwood stools. We also have more console tables, and impressive teak root dining tables. 


For questions about any of our contemporary and modern furniture ranges, or specifications of a specific item, please feel free to contact us.