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Modern & Contemporary Furniture

Modern and contemporary furniture is one of the most popular styles at the moment. While the words modern and contemporary just mean that they are the current style, what most people mean when they refer to them is actually quite specific. If you're looking for inspiration to create a modern room or home design, HomesDirect365 have a wide range of modern furniture options that will bring the look together. This furniture has been hand designed, and crafted with various different wood types for you to the highest standards.


What is a modern and contemporary style?

Modern and contemporary interior design has quite distinctive features. It is sophisticated, simple, and with clean lines. The colours are mainly neutral but with occasional accents of bold colours, often achieved with fabrics. There are no frills or decorations on the furniture and the rest of the room will have lots of blank space. The flooring is usually bare and smooth and the shapes throughout the room will be mainly geometric. You will also often find interesting materials, such as metallics, mirrored furniture, and driftwood.


Our modern and contemporary furniture ranges

Whichever room in your home you are decorating in this style, whether you are decorating an entire new home or going through each of the interior spaces in turn, you will find the perfect contemporary furniture in our store. We offer free delivery services on all of our furniture so that you only ever pay the regular price, and 0% credit finance options are available. Take a look around our shop and find the perfect inspiration for your home, and keep an eye out for our new arrivals.

Bedroom furniture

Creating the perfect bedroom is so important. We spend a large portion of our lives in our bedroom and getting the materials, furniture, accessories, and overall look of the room just right can help you to relax and enjoy your private space.

In our extensive modern bedroom furniture range, you will find everything you need to furnish the entire room. You'll see modern beds, modern bedside tables, modern chests, modern wardrobes, modern dressing tables, modern cheval mirrors, modern stools, modern chaise longue/benches, modern blanket boxes/ottomans, and mattresses.

And every piece will help to accentuate the contemporary style that you are aiming for. Clean, modern, innovative, and with a high level of craftsmanship, you can create the bedroom of your dreams from our collections.

Dining room

Your modern dining room furniture is where you will be playing host at dinner parties and other events so it is important to get the style just right for your guests. Using clean lines, neutrals, and metallics, your dining room will transform into a sophisticated and inspirational space.

Take a look around our website store and you will find everything you need to purchase to create the inspired dining room that you have been imagining. Whether you're looking for modern tables and chairs, modern dressers, modern bookcases, modern display cabinets, bar stools and bar tables, table tops and table bases, or modern console tables, we have just the furniture pieces to inspire you.

Living room/lounge

When shopping for furniture for your house, one of the very most important rooms to focus on will be your living room or lounge. This is the space where we spend time with our families, friends, and even pets. It's where we watch the latest series on Netflix, play games, and read good books. As such, modern living room furniture is one of the most popular searches in interior design. A recent trend has seen people creating home bars in their lounge.

Our store has everything you need when creating the perfect relaxing yet modern lounge, so take a look around to find some inspiration. The first purchase that most people make for their lounge is the modern sofa, but that isn't all you need for the perfect lounge.

We have a wide range of sofas, including modern sofa beds, leather sofas, two-seater sofas, corner sofas, and suites. Along with sofas, you will also find a wide range of modern lounge chairs, including modern armchairs, modern chairs with footstools and modern rocking chairs.

Not only that, but you will also find a range of tables including modern coffee tables, modern side tables, and modern nest of tables, as well as modern TV cabinets, modern stools, and modern benches. Everything you need for your lounge is right here!

Office furniture

The rise of the home office means that many of us are decorating office spaces for the first time, and the furniture and accessories need to be in line with the rest of your home's style.

In our shop, you will find office furniture including office chairs and office desks to suit any sophisticated home office space, with free UK delivery on all items. Please check our terms and conditions for more.

Industrial furniture and teak/driftwood furniture

Industrial furniture and teak and driftwood furniture are specific sub-categories of modern and contemporary. In our shop, you will find these distinctive styles helpfully grouped together to help you in creating the look you are aiming for.

These styles are eye-catching, interesting, and have lots of scope for adding accessories and making the design perfect. Made of their respective characteristic materials, these furniture pieces and accessories are guaranteed to be a talking point for anyone who visits your home.

Matching ranges

So you have a general idea of the look you are aiming for, but you don't know how to begin putting it together. Don't give up hope! We have put together a large collection of furniture sets for your modern bedroom, modern dining room, and modern living room.

With beautiful fabrics that have inspiration from around the world, high-quality and distinctive materials, and styles ranging from modern country to glamorous, you can find everything you need all in one place with our furniture sets.

Once you have these items together in your shopping basket you will be well on your way to creating the room that you have been dreaming of. Save this place and come back to our collections if you want to continue to add to your rooms, and you can build up your entire home in no time.


The bottom line

Our modern and contemporary furniture collections are perfect for anyone who is looking to make their home a sophisticated, bright, and clean space. We have laid them out into different rooms and different styles so it has never been easier to find furniture options to inspire you. With our free delivery services, you will only ever pay the regular price that you see. And we also have credit finance options to suit your budget. Whatever you need for your home design project, you can find it right here.