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Bedroom Furniture

Bedrooms are our sanctuaries, so making sure that they are the most relaxing and pleasing place for us to spend each night is always worth the effort. A major factor in making a bedroom stress-free and beautiful is bedroom furniture. And you will find all of the perfect bedroom furniture at HomesDirect365, no matter what your style.



The most important piece of bedroom furniture is, of course, the bed. Not only is this the furniture that you will use most often, but it is also the centrepiece and focal point of the room.

As part of our contemporary bedroom furniture range, you will find modern beds, fabric and leather beds, and metal beds. And they come in a variety of sizes, including single beds, small doubles, doubles, and king-size.

We also have bunk beds and cabin beds, which can save space and give you that little bit more storage. Our contemporary beds can be anything from metal or wood bed frames, to ottoman or plush velvet beds. Whatever style you want your modern bedroom furniture to be, we will have the bed that is the perfect style and the perfect size for you.


Bedside cabinets

Including some modern bedside cabinets or tables can make your nights just that little bit easier. They are the perfect place to put a reading lamp, set down your glasses and watch, and for your alarm clock or phone.

And framing your bed with modern bedside tables that fit perfectly with the colour and styles of the room can help to create the bedroom space that you have been dreaming of. With everything from luxury, vintage, and minimalist bedside cabinets, you will find exactly what you have been looking for in our range.



Wardrobes are the second biggest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so also serve as a focal point of the room. With a wardrobe, there are both practical and style considerations to think of.

It needs to fit into the bedroom with plenty of space to move around, and also needs enough room to fit in all of your clothes (those of us who have "too many clothes" know the pain of wardrobes that are too small!).

We have a large selection of modern wardrobes in different sizes, colours, styles, and materials. From wood to metallic, vintage to modern, you will be able to find the perfect style. Our wardrobes come in single or double, some with drawers, some without, so you will have enough room for any clothing collection.



No bedroom is complete without some chest of drawers. These useful storage pieces can be used to store clothes that don't need to be hung, make-up, sentimental items, belts, and many more.

Our range includes different sizes and configurations of modern chest of drawers to fit into a variety of spaces. Our contemporary tallboy chests extend upwards so you can maximise your storage while also not crowding the room. Or a classic wide chest will have plenty of room for everything you need. And if you want something just a little different, our stacked trunks will give you the storage space you need but with a fun and quirky edge.

Take a browse around our extensive range of chest options and you will find the ideal size, shape, and style for any modern bedroom.


Dressing tables and stools

The dressing table is the spot in your bedroom where you put yourself together for the day or get yourself ready for sleep. It can be a place of contemplation and somewhere that you can spend that little extra me-time.

Our range of modern dressing tables includes minimalist tables which won't overpower the room and super-chic mirrored and high gloss tables that will make you feel glamorous every time you sit down.

If you want to mix and match your dressing table and mirror, you can buy a table on its own or you can go all-in for the complete dressing table, mirror, and stool set that's ready to use as soon as it arrives.


Cheval mirrors

Modern cheval mirrors can be the perfect addition to so many bedroom furniture sets. A full-length mirror means that you will be able to see exactly how you look from head to toe but they also add a cosy and relaxing feel to your bedroom sets.

As with the rest of our modern furniture range, our cheval mirrors come in a variety of styles to suit any space.


Chaise longue and benches

Do you want to feel like a character from a Jane Austen novel? Or maybe you just want somewhere to relax in your bedroom that isn't a bed. If so, our modern chaise lounge or benches will be the perfect addition to your bedroom furniture set. You can while away the hours reading a good book or listening to a podcast while relaxing in your ideal bedroom.


Blanket boxes and ottomans

Bedding like blankets, sheets, and duvet covers are difficult to store. Our modern blanket boxes and modern ottomans are the ideal solution to keep them folded up nicely and not falling out every time you try to pull one down from a shelf.

And our range of blanket boxes and ottomans come in designs to suit a wide range of modern bedroom sets. These are the perfect accessories to make your bedroom a stress-free and stylish place to be.



Finding the perfect mattress is key to getting a good night's sleep. We stock a variety of mattress types, including pocket sprung mattresses, memory foam, and latex so you can find the mattress to help you get the rest and sleep you need, every single night. Each type of mattress performs differently so it is always a good idea to research which one will work best for you before you buy.


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Our top categories of bedroom furniture include contemporary beds, pocket sprung mattresses, full bedroom sets, dressing tables, chests, wardrobes, designer bedroom furniture, and more. With our free UK delivery and 0% finance options, you can find everything you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. Check out the different categories in our range for more details about everything we have on offer.