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Beds and Bedsteads

The bed is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, so finding the perfect bed is vital. Getting the look just right is important for creating your bedroom look, whether that be a wooden bed, a fabric bed, a plush velvet bed, a metal bed, or more. And getting the bed size just right is just as important. In our extensive range, you will find modern beds of every size, material, and style, so that you can sleep in the luxury bed of your dreams. At HomesDirect365, we offer free delivery services on every furniture item in our shop so you know that you will only ever pay the quoted price, as well as 0% finance options to suit your budget.


Metal beds

A metal bed is perfect if you want a light bed frame that will let enough light bounce around the room that it won't be in danger of looking dark or cramped. They are also the perfect base that suits just about any interior design style you have in mind for the room.

Our range of beautifully decorated metal beds come in a wide range of sizes. Getting the correct size for you won't just help you to sleep better at night but it can also improve your health. For adults in a couple, the king-size metal beds are most popular although many couples do opt for a double metal bed. For children and young people, a small double or a single metal bed would suit them pretty well.

We also offer a day bed which is perfect for occasional guests, as they have similar features to sofa beds. The trundle (sold separately) can be pulled out to convert the chaise lounge style day bed into a small double. So you won't lose space the majority of the time but you will still have enough room for overnight guests when you need it.


Fabric and leather beds

For many bedrooms, the bed is the perfect centrepiece for the space. You can use it to tie all of your design ideas together to create modern bedroom furniture where you can sleep in style. Our fabric and leather modern beds are the ideal eye-catching focal point for any style-conscious bedroom, and they can truly make you feel as though you are sleeping in luxury.

There is a wide range of styles for leather and fabric beds. You can choose anything from plush velvet to fluted, tufted to winged, and any type of fabric or leather. Whichever modern leather or fabric bed you choose from our shop, you can be sure that it will be the best accompaniment to your bedroom design ideas.

Many of these types of beds also have drawers underneath for under bed storage. This is the perfect solution if your bedroom is smaller and lacking in storage space, or if you have a large selection of items that you want to put away.

If you want even more storage again, our ottoman fabric beds are perfect. With these, the mattress lifts entirely to expose a whole bed's worth of storage underneath. Ideal for storing your summer or winter wardrobe away, bedding, and any other bits and pieces that you don't want taking up room elsewhere.


Wooden beds

Wooden beds are similar to metal beds in that they don't overpower the room and they are relatively neutral pieces of furniture that allow you to put your own stamp on the space. Wooden beds, however, give a warmer feel than the more modern and minimalist metal bed frames. So if you would prefer to sleep in something cosy, you might prefer to go for a wooden bed. There are many types of wood, each with their own character and style. 

We have a wide range of wooden beds in stock, in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. You can also choose which configuration of head and foot boards you prefer. A high foot end or high head end can make your wooden bed feel more modern and dramatic but a lower foot or head end can make it feel less obtrusive.

Our wooden bunk beds are perfect if your children share a bedroom as they free up a lot of floor space when compared to two single beds. They are also great for single kids who often have sleepovers. The only sticking point might be fighting over who gets the top or bottom bunk!



Getting the correct mattress for you is key to sleeping soundly at night on your new bed. We have a wide range of mattresses available in our brand shop, including a pocket sprung mattress, memory foam, and latex. Different people suit a different type of mattress, depending on a wide range of factors including your sleep position and any health conditions you may have. Read our guide on mattress sizes here.


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Whatever type of bed you are looking for, we will have the perfect one for you in our shop. We offer free delivery services on all our modern furniture, as well as 0% credit finance options to suit your budget. You can also take a look around our website to find all of the bedroom accessories you need to truly tie your design together. You can complete your bedroom furniture in whatever colours and style you are thinking of with our extensive collection of furniture and accessories.