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Driftwood & Teak Furniture

Driftwood furniture

Driftwood Dining

Complete that original style in your home by welcoming some of our driftwood furniture. We offer a variety of different pieces, including driftwood dining tables, an impressive statement for any dining room, these tables wow your guests and visitors!

Your dining room can feature this wonderful style as well as our dining tables, by pairing them alongside some driftwood chairs and driftwood stools. These chairs are sure to be:

  • sturdy
  • individual 
  • eye catching

Welcome this gorgeous and distinctive style into multiple rooms of your household today. If this isn't quite your style? Head on back to our contemporary range. Here we have a wide range of styles and aesthetics on offer. 

Driftwood mirrors 

 A driftwood mirror is just the thing for you. We have a range of sizes and shapes, and colour variations. Because of the nature of the making process, every one of these mirrors is different and unique. Wall hanging mirrors are great for any location in the home. 

Driftwood Accessories

You can fully decorate your home with this style and add a personal touch by choosing from some of our driftwood animals or driftwood sculptures.

If you have any questions about our driftwood items, please feel free to contact us.

Driftwood Table

Make your living room feel stylish and distinctive by welcoming a driftwood coffee table, some driftwood side tables OR Driftwood console tables. These tables have glass tops, or alternatively some have driftwood tops. We think they look great! The perfect addition to a living room space. 

Driftwood cabinets

Ever wanted a driftwood cabinet or storage space? Now is your chance! With our perfect driftwood cabinets, you can have rustic glamour in  your home!