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Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored Furniture

At Homes Direct we offer a superb range of mirrored furniture and contemporary furniture to suit all your needs. From exquisite mirrored bedroom furniture to console tables and beautiful mirrors, there is something available to bring that wonderful elegance to your home. French mirrored furniture is an excellent choice for anyone who is interested in light designs and wants to bring out some of the other features and furniture within their room.

Mirrors are a great way of bringing natural light into your room at no extra cost, light is able to enter the room and then bounces of the mirror on the furniture, lighting up all corners of the room. For anyone who is looking to brighten up an ordinarily dark room, our French mirrored furniture may be exactly what you are looking for. Let us dive into this range!

Cheap mirrored bedroom furniture

Very distinctive in design, as well as being clean and simple, our French mirrored furniture is perfect for anyone who is looking to achieve a chic and stylish look. In our collection you will find French mirrored furniture which incorporates both classic and antique designs but also those which are more modern and contemporary, this will allow many different people to find something which is perfectly suited for their home.

Mirrored Furniture Matching Ranges

Extensive matching ranges give you the choice in what design works the best. It also helps you know for certain that the items match each other and will compliment one another in your home. These matching ranges have the best designers that have worked on the designs who collaborate intensely and are very read up on modern design practices. 

Mirrored Beds

Amazingly exquisite mirrored beds. Nap in luxury with these fantastic mirrored beds. Contemporary style and elegance. Mirroring allows the room to look larger and more pronounced, because of the boost in natural light in the room. 


As for mirrored storage, we have a large range. Perfect for bedroom, living and dining room. Choose from:

We also have Mirrored TV cabinets if this is more your thing. 

With styles changing from one year to the next, classic mirrored furniture offers that timeless look that fits into any home. Please feel free to browse through our range of mirrors and coloured glass furniture, we're sure you'll find something that fits your requirements and your budget. Our prices are based on ‘what you see is what you get’, simple pricing that brings you the best deals.

Make sure you keep checking back as we are continually updating our amazing range of French mirrored furniture – with new additions including many of the most recent styles and trends, you are sure to find something which is superbly designed in our collection.

Mirrored Dressing Tables

Exquisite mirrored dressing tables. Instantly brighten up your bedroom or dressing room with this mirrored dressing table / console table. We have beautiful contemporary styles for you to choose from and enjoy. 

As well as dressing tables we also have Mirrored side tables - lovely for placing a simple potted plant or a drink. These side tables also come with a range of drawers and other storage options, so keep your eyes peeled for a beautiful item! 

After a bigger table? We also have Coffee mirrored tables. Get a new Coffee table to be the focus of your living room. Great to look at and easy to clean and dust!

Mirrored Stools are totally in at the moment. Pair these with the rest of our mirrored range!

We also have a range of mirrors for the home. View Mirrors here. 

Pedestals and Cubes are great for displaying items such as Jewellery Boxes and Table Lamps

Mirrored Fireplaces

Our Mirrored Fireplaces are also a big hit with customers, and work to reflect light brilliantly.