French Bed Headboards

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A typical bed headboard is a piece of furniture which attaches directly onto the head of a bed – hence the name. Historically, they were originally used to protect sleepers from oncoming drafts and cold winds in buildings which were not very insulated to say the least. The tall and thick structure would ensure that cold air would fall to the floor without landing on the sleeper and could in theory help to keep each person warmer as they slept.

Today, with better heated and insulated homes and buildings, the main purpose of bed headboards is not too actually keep sleepers warm but has shifted to more of an aesthetic perspective. More and more people are looking for bed headboards to match their bed to make it look that little more exclusive. Here at Homes Direct 365 we have a fully inclusive range of bed headboards for you to choose from including a wide variety of French inspired designs which will be the perfect addition to any room with a French theme. Whether you are looking for something which is intricately detailed or prefer something a little simpler in design, we have something to suit a wide range of different needs, requirements and even a selection of personal preferences.

With a wide variety of different styles and designs, all available in a wide array of colours, you are sure to find something which is tailored towards your requirements here at Homes Direct 365. Whether you are looking for something in a luxurious black, a deep wooden texture or even an elegant gold finish, there is something within our stunning selection of bed headboards suitable for you. Our range is not only fully inclusive from an aesthetic point of view but we have also ensured that we have a selection of different fixtures and fittings which are available for many different budgets and sizes.

Our bed headboards range is an integral part or our French beds collection, which if you have taken an interest in, you may want take a closer look into our range of white and ivory French beds. In addition to this, we also stock a selection of black French beds for you to browse through and buy online.