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Homes Direct 365 is proud to offer you a one of a kind collection of mannequins that are great for both hanging up your clothes and to be used as a decorative feature. Mannequins are typically used to display and fit clothing and were first established in the 1950s, however, the collection that we feature here at Homes Direct 365 does not feature the mannequins seen in shops, but ones that are stylish. With a range of different shapes, including those that replicate different types of dresses, we make it easier to find one that will be able to accommodate the dress you have in mind. Whether you want to use our mannequins for this reason or you simply want to display it in the corner of your room as a beautiful ornament, we have something for everyone in our range.

You may also be interested in our collection of home accessories if you our range of mannequins pleasing. Homes Direct 365 also offers a wide range of home ornaments for you to browse through and buy online.