French Chaises Longue & Benches

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Homes Direct 365 now features a range of French chaise lounge and benches within our unique and outstanding collection of French furniture. Make sure you do not miss out on creating a look you have always desired and browse through our entire collection online now.

Put simply, a chaise lounge is just a lounge chair; very comfortable to sit in and aesthetically pleasing for you to look at. They are basically an upholstered sofa which features an elongated bottom half which stretches out to support the legs. They come in three main types; Duchesse Brisee, Recamier and the Meridienne. Each of them has been designed using the same principles and are all lounge chairs which support the legs, however, they each feature a range of subtleties which make them very different and unique in their own right.

With French chaise lounge and benches in your home, you can have the perfect French style you have always wanted. They are very distinct and can be used as an ornament or even as a stylish display as well as a functioning chair which can be used for relaxation and comfort.

Choose from a selection of different styles and designs in our range of French chaise lounge and benches and find something which is befitting with the existing theme in your home or with one which you are trying to create. With such a wide variety of different styles for you to choose from, you are bound to find something which is perfect for what you are looking for. Whether you are looking for something traditional and classic in design or trying to find something with a modern twist but that still maintains the traditional French design, then you may be able to find something within our amazing range of French chaise lounge and benches for you.

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