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French Lighting

French Lighting

Give your home a gorgeous glow with French lighting that will create the exquisite atmosphere you crave. Lighting is so important to the ambiance of a room. And having a bad atmosphere can simply destroy an evening. Our choice selection incomparable lighting will have your peers swooning upwards, and being in awe of the supreme lighting display you have put before them. Without further ado, introducing our French listing...


Whatever type of French lighting you're thinking about, there is no way one can skip out on the Chandelier. The chandelier is pure luxury, the epitome of french design. This nuanced light fitting has lit the way for decades and centuries of decadent lifestyles. It is not only for a chateau though. Chandelier light looks as great in the home as it does lighting up wide open halls and spaces.

Crystal Chandelier


Browse our range of cut glass chandeliers for more on this, and get ready to view some exquisite design pieces. Our products would make a brilliant bedroom chandelier, bathroom chandelier, and even living room chandelier. Our modern chandeliers are unsurpassed in superior elegance, and we would love you to take a look at our products and love them as much as we do. 

Wall Light

Wall lights - Brilliant for adding that little bit of extra light when needed. Wall lights are stylish, and super functional. Check out our range to be wowed at our selection of french wall lighting. Bathroom wall lights help to create an atmosphere and mood, and also help light up a room if your regular ceiling light just doesn't cut it. We know this is not always easy, but our designs are here to help you. 

Many of our lighting options are low wattage and eco friendly. We also have candle effect wall lights, so you can feel as if you have stepped back in time with our French wall lighting. 

Lantern Lighting

Introducing Lantern lighting. We have many styles of French style lighting. From Lanterns to floor standing lanterns in a shabby chic style. Be sure to pair some of our lanterns with furniture that will match. Some of our lanterns also have a Moroccan style ans a detailed intricate metalwork effect. We also have coach lanterns, and more modern lanterns. As well as this we have a whole host of other lanterns so please browse our range to see more!

We also have outdoor lanterns to place outside your home in case of intruders. 

Contemporary Lighting

Check out contemporary lighting. A whole host of modern lighting here. From Modern chandeliers to pendant lighting and more. You will not want to miss this especially if you have a modern or contemporary home and want something a little bit different. Or perhaps you even have a classic designed French style house. Mixing modern and classic elements is an excellent way to make a house look up to date and modern. 

Table Lamps & Candelabras

Pretty table lamps and candelabras are sure to brighten up a dining room, living room, or even bedroom! These incomparable lighting arrangements and fittings are sure to brighten up a room. They are also sure to wow guests, friends and visitors, because modern design has lost a lot of the intricacy and ornate detail that classic French design has. We are here to bring a little bit of that back to homes today, and hope that you love it.  We also have Tiffany lighting. 

Light up your home with French lighting

Whatever type of French lighting you need - from atmospheric, humble yet gorgeous French wall lighting to extravagant and attention-commanding French chandeliers, you'll find the perfect French lighting at Homes Direct.