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Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary Lighting

Contemporary lighting is great for updating any room in your home. Choose from all the latest in modern lighting from Homes Direct 365. You can instantly transform your home with some new contemporary lighting. With our wide range of stylish furnishings you can change a dull space into a stunning room. Whether its your bedroom, lounge or dining room, contemporary lighting will add style to your home. If you are looking for French furniture, click here

Contemporary Chandelier

Visit Contemporary Chandeliers. These modern chandeliers will not disappoint you in your search for contemporary lighting. Our Contemporary chandeliers UK are perfect and with free shipping, how can you resist? We have a range of contemporary crystal chandeliers, contemporary hallway chandelier.

Our range of UK modern chandelier lights will keep you wowed and amazed. From cut glass, to crystal and even pendant light variations. Some of these light fittings are simply art. Amazing to light a dining room, hall, staircase. 

Pendant Lighting

Introducing: Pendant lighting. Want something that is purely 21st century? Our super modern pendant lighting has you covered. Glass pendant lights are amazing. Just put them up in your home and it will turn into a transcendent space. Kitchen pendant lighting opens up a room - Kitchens are notoriously hard to light, so pendant lighting gives you a bit more leway into where the light shines, and the direction of the light. 

If you are wanting colour variations, our wide range of copper pendant light, pendant ceiling light and cluster pendant light should have you spoilt for choice!

Ceiling Flush Lights

Ceiling Flush Lights are super cool. These lighting options give off that glow you want to achieve in the room of your choice. Check out our UK flush ceiling lights. With free shipping, this is a must in a contemporary home. Even in a traditional home, these flush mount ceiling lights just might be the style you need.

We also have semi flush ceiling lights. Contemporary semi flush ceiling lights can be hard to find, and especially hard to find in the right style, and design you want. Check out our range of black semi flush ceiling lights, among other colours. You are sure to find the perfect colour, size and shape for your room with HomesDirect365. 


Ceiling spotlights. Great if you want that contemporary look in your home, be it the bedroom, bathroom spotlights can look great, or even kitchen spotlights. These light fittings help you direct the light around the room where it matters, and so are highly customisation and fab. Check out our LED spotlights for some fantastic deals on spot lighting. Spot light bulbs are not supplied. 

Office Lighting

Office lighting is essential. Having the best home office lighting for computer work is important for your eyes, as well as getting the best out of your work, and not having headaches. We have LED office lighting, home office lighting and office ceiling lights, to boost your office lighting ideas. Check it out today. 

We also have table lamps, which are always useful. Bedside table lamps are great because they create a more down time mood, and can be useful tools to accompany reading, laptop use and browsing the internet. Find your next table lamp here today at Homes Direct. If you are looking for Floor Lamps, PLEASE view our exquisite range of tripod floor lamps, you will love our floor lamp uk selection. 

Wall Light

Presenting, wall lights. Bathroom wall lights are brill, as they help you get ready in the morning, at night, and during the day. We also sell outdoor wall lights. Get your wall lights uk, for free delivery and an amazing product. Outside wall lights are good for creating an atmosphere, and a mood. These wall lights also help to protect your property and can act as a deterrent to intruders. 

Our LED wall lights are super cool and low energy. Please take a moment to browse our range and view our products. If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us and our team will be on hand to take your calls.