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French Table Lamps & Candelabras

If you're looking to add the final touch to your home, we have the perfect French table lamps and candelabras in our selection. Check HomesDirect365 for our full collection of French table lamps and candelabras, suitable for any bedroom, living room or dining room.


French Table Lamps

If you are looking for table lamps, our range of lamps will be for you. Perhaps you are wanting bedside table lamps? We have the thing for you. Providing a warm glow when you are winding down at night, our range of bedside lamps are brilliant. A huge range of colours, shapes and styles. You will not be disappointed. We also offer table lamp bases, in case you want to match with your colour scheme and have your own table lamp shades. 

As well as colour, and style variations, we also have size variations. We have many large table lamps that will be a statement piece for your new designed home. If you are looking for something a little more subtle, we have grey table lamps. Have a small space that you don't know what to do with? We also have small table lamps for your viewing pleasure.

In addition, we have copper table lamps, giving that Art Deco feel and a slight 20's vibe. Our black table lamps give off an antique feel and vintage table lamp vibes. We love tall table lamps, as they offer larger light coverage. White table lamps are also great because they help the light bounce around the room. 

Accessories your room with our range of French table lamps and candelabras. We feature a superb collection of french table lamps and candelabras from HomesDirect365's stunning collection of French lighting.


French Candelabras

Visit our range of candelabras. Any self respecting dinner party host cares about ambiance. Ambiance is something that can hardly be quantified. It is more a feeling, or a vibe. We believe having a candelabra in the middle of the dining room, automatically sets a tone, and sets the night off to a good note!

Gold candelabra are super classy and very much exude a French elegance, and a special feeling to a night. Something about a gold candlestick holder and candle light is very comforting, and it totally has the potential to make a night memorable. So, check out our range. We have:

  • Silver candelabra - Glorious bright cold tones come from this candelabra. 
  • Glass candelabra - Elevating detail, and brightening the room, our glass candlestick holders range is exquisite
  • White candelabra - Something regal, yet modest about these candlestick holders
  • Red Candelabra - Vibrant, Bold. These products will guarantee a night to remember.


Our stylish lighting will add luxury and atmosphere to any room in your home. Choose from a selection of French table lamps and French candelabras from our range today and you wont be disappointing. Place a few french table lamps and candelabras in your home today. 

If you are looking for something different, perhaps check out French lighting? We have many lighting options, in French, and contemporary and modern lighting. 

Place some of our antique french lamps or our tiffany lamps in your home for a luxurious feel.