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When it comes to lighting, we have it all, from ceiling lights to floor lamps. The complete collection matches your decor, brings new life to furniture and brightens living spaces, so when you need proper lighting at home, rely on HomesDirect365.

With outdoor and ambience lighting as part of our collection, you can make all the necessary finishing touches around your home. Whether you favour a contemporary appearance or classic looks, we cover all things lighting and ensure you’re on trend.


Bathroom Lighting

The best bathroom lighting is hidden and allows you to enjoy the room as you see fit. Whether you relax or get ready efficiently, shaver mirrors, flush lighting, mirror lights and dimmable options ensure your bathroom is well-lit and prepared for the day.



Candelabras add elegance, and there is a lot to love whether you want them for a special occasion or your everyday dining table. Keep your candlesticks and tealights in place with bright holders, or make a statement with silver, gold and brass options.


Ceiling Flush Lighting

One of the main benefits of ceiling flush lighting is that it provides even, consistent lighting throughout a space. Because the fixtures are mounted directly to the ceiling, they can be positioned to provide optimal coverage and eliminate any dark spots or shadows.

In addition, ceiling flush lighting is often energy-efficient and can help to reduce your energy bills. Many flush ceiling lights use LED light bulbs, which are highly energy-efficient.


Ceiling Semi Flush Lighting

Differentiating slightly from flush lighting, ceiling semi flush lighting creates a different effect. The gap between the ceiling allows for an uplift effect, even though most light comes downward. You get fantastic coverage with these semi flush ceiling lights, which come in many styles.



For a grandiose statement, there are few lights better than chandeliers. Whether you have shimmering pendants, French glass, candlestick effects or a shade, this is an excellent lighting option that people love. Chandeliers commonly come in gold, silver or brass, so you'll find and create a style that will suit your house perfectly.


Floor Standing Lamps

Modern floor standing lamps are available in many styles, with many mimicking desk lamps, only on a larger scale.

Floor lamps create effective ambient lighting

With a variety in colour, finish size and design, there are floor lamps for every home, and these lamps are ideal for lighting arcs and can hang over couches or sofas, creating perfect reading light in any living space.


Neon Lights

Neon stands out for all the right reasons, and with neon lights, you can transform a room in any colour, including shocking blue, red, yellow or green. These are ideal for the bedroom or for those looking to boost their social media filters, and pack more of a punch than fairy lights.


Office Lighting

Functionality and efficiency are essential with office lighting, but this doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy good style too. With desk, corner, and bar lamps that project a lot of light, you can develop a productive office space with enough light to keep your employees working all day. Office lighting also helps create a great home office style.


Outdoor Lights

Make sure you effectively illuminate outdoor areas for safety, security and fun. The full range of outdoor lights includes wall, floor, and patio and garden lights, ensuring you squeeze as much fun as possible out of your home and garden. Most exterior lights carry an IP44 rating, which means they’re safe to use, even in wet conditions.


Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting sometimes referred to as a suspender or drop light, hangs down from your ceiling. With metal rods, chains or cords connecting the light to the ceiling, you have options for styling the room. Pendant lights are available in a great range of finishes, and whether you love modern aesthetics or a classic style, you can find a pendant light you love in our collection.



Modern spotlights are highly flexible, allowing you to place light where you need it directly. These lights are standard in the bathroom, with a chrome finish, with adjustable lights ensuring you get the coverage you need for shaving, make-up application and cleaning.


Table Lamps

Our table lamps are suitable for every occasion, with efficient industrial and modern lamps, while French and classic table lamps are ornamental in their style. With stylish bases and patterned shades, you can add light to any corner or space where you need it most.


Wall Lights

Wall lights are suitable inside and out and can be functional or aesthetically beautiful. Bathroom and mirror wall lights get to the point with simplicity, but wall lights for living rooms or kitchens feature classic styles and look fabulous.

Wall lighting comes in various finishes, including brass, silver, gold and many colours, so you're not short of inspiration and ideas.


French Lighting

You cannot deny French style is impressive, such is with the extensive range of French lighting. From patterned tiffany glass to candelabras, from chandeliers to lanterns, if you shop for an elegant look at your home, the full selection of French lighting will provide you with everything you need.