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Office Furniture

Our relationship with the office has changed considerably in recent years, and the demand for office furniture has risen sharply. Whether you shop for office furniture for your home office or in a conventional business space, HomesDirect365 has everything you need to build comfort alongside functionality and style.

In the modern era of remote working at home, many households need office furniture that isn’t out of place when guests come around.

High quality office furniture with plush finishes add comfort to the workspace

The plush velvet feel of the Murray swivel chair looks and feels fantastic, and with a choice of colours, including black, charcoal and grey. You can complement any style, whether you are finishing a room at home or in work.

You also have the Venosa swivel chair in a stylish grey. For a writing desk with guaranteed customer satisfaction, this desk or table is hard to beat.

Get set for a great day at work

No matter your surroundings, you can find metal office furniture, mirrored and plastic office furniture, which works well in all surroundings. Then again, if your focus is comfort, upholstered office chairs will provide the essential backing for your working day.

Make your working day a stylish and comfortable one

Whatever finish appeals to you, you’ll find something that stands up to the rigours of a busy workday, giving you comfort and confidence in pressing ahead.

Whatever the workload that lands on your desk, ensuring you have plenty of space to keep everything in order ensures you are always at your best. The Tiva workstation, available in oak or black has a lot of shelving space, and an uncluttered design that will encourage a clear desk policy.

For simplicity sake, reclaimed pine and walnut feature in a lot of desks, complete with ample drawer space. The Hudson and Charles are striking in black, while the Longton is an adjustable pine desk.


Office chairs

The suitable range of seats for your office might not be suitable for other spaces. Swivel chairs makes this straightforward if you have a space where you regularly turn around to chat with colleagues.

The McIntyre swivel chair comes with arm rests, while the Mendel provides a traditional swivel seat option for the workplace. For those looking for more support in their office furniture, the Curie is an excellent solution.

With budget options aimed at casual owners and comprehensively strong and stylish swivel seats with armrests and a soft finish, these office chairs will turn the heads of everyone in the room.

When it comes to comfort, you want a seat designed for sitting in it for lengthy periods. With this in mind, the modern range of gaming seats sets a benchmark in comfort and quality for office furniture, ensuring your reactions are second to none, no matter how long you are seated.

The ideal colour for your needs and styles

Of course, gaming chairs are perhaps too bright for an office or workspace, but it all depends on your tastes and branding. The sleek mix of black with green, red, blue, yellow and orange finishes of the Racing Comet range creates a gaming chair that feels as good as it looks.

Now, if you want this design but with a more muted appearance, you can opt for this too. Modern seats often have a mesh finish and plenty of ergonomic support, as shown by the Tate or Clifton gamer seats. There is even a budget version of the Clifton seat for customers looking for a more affordable option.

A dependable back and reliable armrests ensure that you feel as alert during the final hour of the working day as you were at the start.


Office desks

Whether looking for functionality, fashion or both, the range of office desks is as big as your imagination. French work desks add traditional style and storage space for elegant workspaces.

The classic office desk isn’t suitable for every space, but in a conventional setting or for people in authority, classic wood and metal desks add an air of gravitas that people cannot overlook or dismiss.

You even have the Dyson stainless steel and clear glass desk, which is clearly an excellent choice. This desk comes with shelving space underneath the main level.

Essential finishes means a table complements chairs and accessories

On a similar vein, industrial desks come in a fantastic selection of finishes, including chrome, silver, gold, metal, wood and all manner of colours. With drawers on either side, and great looking hair pin legs, you have a sturdy table that looks fantastic. The Rothbury, Cheveley and Parton are minimally styled desks that do a great deal.

Whether you want bright or bland desks, modern ones will fit where you need them, working well with office accessories, like filing cabinets, cupboards and tables.

Computer desks

Enjoy a vast range of furniture storage solutions with modern computer desks, as they provide a stable space for your computer and monitor, but they ensure you have everything you need. Storage space is often provided with drawers or shelves, and if you want gaps for cabling, you can keep a tidy working environment with minimal effort.

For corner computer desks, the Hetton, in striking white, or the Boise, allow you to fit a desk into a corner, minimising space while maximising efficiency.

The Madrid, the Cambourne, the Otley and the Mason are fantastic ways to improve storage and enhance productivity with a clean and simple workspace.

With space for one, two or four chairs around the same modern office or computer desk, you’ll have workstations ready for a productive day, every day. If you believe the ideal workspace helps you do more in a business day, rely on HomesDirect365 for office furniture online. Remember, all our office furniture is suitable for home office furniture too!